Dra. Rosemary Viola Bosch

Similar to them, there are the Foodies. Big bowl of ice cream arrives at your table and your friends are about to eat, but you ask them to wait. Why? You want to click a picture before you eat. Do you click a picture of your food? Even if its a bowl of strawberries? Food bloggers go through the same dilemma. Another interesting set of bloggers are those who write blawgs. They write on legal issues and seem to pick up serious topics. I think of blawg and I get blogstipation. Writing has diversified over the years to the extent that there are categories in categories. Blog writing, for instance, has a wide spectrum of options to write about as we saw earlier. The Internet is a party. Parties are to go crazy in. For bloggers, it is the blog carnival. A blogger can host one and others will join to write on the same. As mentioned before. Blogging is a world and in this blogosphere people have their own language. The blog lingo is unique and weird. It’s a mix of English words. Some understandable and some simply weird.

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