The Amazon Fauna and Flora Program will change your life’s narrative

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ANCLIVEPA-SP brings a new experience in graduate studies with practical learning inside the most biodiverse forest in the world.

The students will experience 5 field trips to the Amazon Rainforest, each one for 7 days long.

  • Amazon fauna and flora studies
  • Amazon rainforest climate and geographic studies
  • Planetary boundaries, climate change and anthropic environmental impacts: engaging the traditional people knowledge
  • Geographic position orientation within the forest
  • Basic to advanced survival techniques in the jungle using local resources
  • Strategic leadership and teamwork
  • Basic orientations and practical lessons in river navigation
  • Helicopter and waterfall rappel
  • Professional nature photography
  • Basic and practical lessons on how to fly a seaplane and a helicopter
  • Orientations and practical classes in making knots and tethers
  • Basic orientations and practical lessons on self-defense against possible dangers in the forest
  • Orientations and practical classes in shooting and knives skills

Beginning in February 2022

Graduate Studies in Amazon Fauna and Flora. Enroll now and be part of this life-changing experience.



$ 12,000



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